Tequila Casa Pujol 87

package design

From the Jalisco highlands of Mexico, Casa Pujol 87 joins the fray of noteworthy spirit liquors. Stemmed from the crucial 100% blue agave, the result is an un-aged Blanco tequila as traditional methods persists. Studio Anagrama took their diligence to design a branding personality bridging legacy with contemporary aesthetics—thus minimalism steps in as a strong reference point for the elegant package design.

The chosen symbol to represent Casa Pujol 87 is a sly simplified version of the Santiago Apóstol Church, as unassuming lines brings forth a logo that greatly resembles an icon. The minimalist approach is welcome, and plays off black lines flirting with austere geometry. The elected visual elements to represent Casa Pujol 87 managed to not only instil the brand's value but its personality as well, as good branding does.

The chosen clear glass bottle is the perfect vessel to echo the pureness of the drink in question. As the logo and nimble typography takes centre stage, the designer chose a lone detail to break the entirely minimalist packaging. Even though it’s an unusual pairing, the blue and gold stripes bring interesting warmth. The distinction is expanded into all other identity pieces as well, the cohesion was very well translated making for an unassuming but extremely stylish branding project.

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