The Greywall House


Settled away behind an uncompromising concrete wall is The Greywall House, located in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. The outer shell crosses the threshold to influence the interior of the household as well, as grey becomes the guiding colour to this beautifully minimalist interior design project. YCL Studio is the responsible party for the striking and understated project in hand, but don’t be fooled, there are plenty of attentive details to be found.

The central visual element is the unmistakable grey colour in all its gorgeous variations, from the timeless concrete to more dexterous lighter tones and dark deviations as well. To counterbalance the unyielding presence as a grey box, the joyous and warm wood textures steps in as the perfect supporting character. The geometric compositions through furniture, benches and walls brings forth a dynamic quality. Lastly, the ever trustworthy white colour on key furniture and cabinets as minor presence.

The form variations between the rooms asserts the studio's ability to promote remarkable designs and sculptural details throughout. From the wood texture invasion in the bathroom to the shadow play the large windows in the main rooms. Interestingly enough, the minimalist influence is evident and somehow coexists in unison besides the visual assortment found in The Greywall.

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