Bambou collection

industrial design

French designer Samy Rio has been awarded with the Grand Prix of the Jury at Design Parade 10 in Hyères, France, for his products that incorporate bamboo.

Rio's collection uses bamboo cylinders as alternatives to tubes of plastic, forming sections of electronic products as the heads of hair dryers and bases for speakers.

This innovative project examines and re-considers some of the current industrial production methods through research around a specific material. The goal is to provide to the material industrial quality and precision to consider the bamboo tube as a semi-finished product.

Consider bamboo in its tubular form as a semi-product. It allows one to rethink the whole design and production of an object by questioning the way an object is made, from the body to the inside layout of the component. From this perspective, objects are designed and produced in a controlled and sustainable life cycle.

Bambou collection demonstrates that simple, everyday objects can become beautiful and natural-looking.

Photography courtesy Samy Rio.

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