The House of Calvin Klein


Minimalissimo invites you to revisit a project from 10 years ago, a true contemporary gem. Highlighting a unique kind of showmanship and quintessential minimalism:

How does a famous American fashion house such as Calvin Klein impact the cosmopolitan and unique market of Japan? With careful and precise branding, of course. The House was a clever and unexpected experience. Acclaimed architects Shinichi Ogawa & Associates were commissioned to design a bespoke project, remixing architecture, fashion and reality-tv tomfooleries.

Housed in a single volume, with effortless transitions between each space. It’s all about the objects that define each room and, of course, the fleeting and alluring models clad in casual and smart attires. Consequently, the crowd is invited to a voyeur-like experience. As privacy is purposely broken for the sake of spectacle, the simple and vertical dwelling is a strong statement of absolute reduction and openness. Each side shows a different facet, the social area and bedroom; while the other side offers the usual privacy of bathroom and closets; of course with a penchant for public display.

As impressive as this standalone effort is compared to the usual fashion show premise, this went beyond the usual cycle of short-lived installations. The House became the blueprint to what would later become the acclaimed, and Minimalissimo favourite, aptly named Minimalist House. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Photography courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates.

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