058 Villa


Look closely or you might miss this sly residence by Christ & Gantenbein. Mirror cladding wraps the façade at 058 Villa, allowing the home to stay hidden while in plain site. As with many dwellings in dense urban centres, 058 Villa was designed around the need for privacy. The mirror cladding reflects the house's surroundings back to the viewer, thus ensuring no prying eyes settle on the the private home. The result is a structure that has one questioning the reality of what they are seeing, as if in a dream.

On the interior, soft grey surfaces are illuminated by oversized windows facing the enclosed courtyard. The courtyard is covered with the same mirrors as the exterior, thus continuing the dream-like state 058 Villa elicits. The floor plan is sprawling, with several rooms positioned off the various hallways.

058 Villa is one of the most unique and beautiful homes I have seen lately. To think that something as simple as mirrors can provoke such an effect!

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