Alex Carro

graphic design

Alex Carro is an innovative unisex cosmetics brand from Barcelona that have just launched a capsule collection of facial skincare products using all natural ingredients. The founder Alex Nodes explains its objective:

I wanted to create the quintessential skin care system; everyone can use it, anywhere, anytime. You have it in your bathroom cabinet, your gym bag, your suitcase. Creating a capsule collection means you can do away with all the unnecessary extra products we tend to accumulate over the years. These five products handle all three R's; routine, ritual and response.

They provide a robust, pragmatic every day routine. Mixing them to create extra products allows for more bespoke, occasional rituals. Versatility through mixability also allows you to tailor them according to your needs, so when your skin or your environment changes, they offer a response to that change.

With this in mind, graphic designer Malva Sawada and creative director Andrew Trotter produced an exceptional brand and packaging design that also extends to a beautiful website; a minimal, elegant, pragmatic and portable design to be very practical and a pleasure to use.

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