Absolute Purity

art & illustration

This unusual ad is a part of Absolut's ongoing campaign on the subject of purity. Every year a different artist is asked to express his or her vision in a form of an advertising piece for the Absolut vodka brand. Last year it was a fun gaudy-looking project by Paul Graves, the year before that - a stunning work by Dan Tobin Smith. This year's contribution to the theme came from German artist Simon Schubert.

Schubert approached the idea of purity quite literally and did what he does best - a sheet of folded paper (artist's remarkable folded works brought him international fame for a reason). The concept of purity is beautifully expressed through a poetry of wrinkled paper, brought to life by shadows and light...

The ad is currently on display inside the busstop on Avenue de l'Opera in Paris. The campaign was conducted by Being advertising agency.

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