Alta Chalet


Located at the end of a cul-de-sac of a private ski club is Alta Chalet in Collinwood, Ontario. The project, designed by AKB - Atelier Kastelic Buffey, is a dazzling example of contemporary design with a touch of Nordic charm infused to a winter weekend retreat. The monochromatic façade alternates between black and white geometry, thus assuring a strong sense of contrast whether in summer or wintertime.

One of the main prerogatives is to celebrate the gorgeous sceneries around the chalet, as the architects wittingly invert the usual program. The upper floor benefits from a living and dining area, an open concept kitchen, with the bonus of a private den alongside a hefty outdoor deck. On the opposite level, is the main entrance skilfully masked behind a partially enclosed screen opposite a large, functional mudroom adjoining a double garage. Additionally, on the ground floor, stands the master suite, the additional bedrooms and the sauna. All in all, a complete dwelling ready for full time residency if necessary.

Designed with delicate sensitivity to the scale of its neighbouring houses, this project is well integrated into its context while it also offers a distinct interpretation of a conventional ski chalet. — AKB

The interior design deserves the last accolades, as natural wood is present in all rooms as the floor, but also through carefully employed furniture design pieces. Unlike many minimalist projects that often serve as a visual intervention in their vicinity, Alta Chalet brings fresh blood to the archetypal barn typology.

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