Daniele de Batté

art & illustration

Letting spectators in on your process of design is not a common thing to do. But we are lucky that Genoa-based artist Daniele de Batté invites us to do just that. Daniele is a graphic designer and co-founder of studio Artiva. But his work for Artiva is based on a beautiful study of shapes and forms. And this curious investigation of his creates art that in itself should not go unseen. Additionally, it is not despite that fact that he himself considers his drawings, painting and sculptures primarily as notes of a creative process, but because of that.

Daniele works with modules, he explores the relation between objects or shapes and empty space, white space. This results in a harmonic repetition of carefully considered patterns which create a rhythm of order and chaos, a tension emitting energy. The shapes in space or on paper are free of colour, contrasting in black and white or harmoniously shining in monochrome installations. And that’s where knowing about his work-in-progress-approach changes the point of view of the spectator.

Knowing that the rigid patterns and forms of Daniele's creation are not meant to record a final state, but are always a starting point for a new elaboration, adds a layer of fluidity and playfulness as well as craftsmanship, which makes his work approachable and gives it a musical vibrance.

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