Anthroposophische Gesellschaft

graphic design

A truly distinctive sight to behold in graphic design is when a complex and, normally, text heavy social science is not only granted a beautiful cover, but its content is actually depicted through a visual arrangement. That is the starting point for the explicitly minimalist book ‘Anthroposophische Gesellschaft und Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft’ by Johannes Kühl and Johannes Greiner, for SAKS-BOOKS.

Designer Yuta Takahashi was commissioned and entrusted with a great deal of liberty to playfully manipulate and present an intricate theme with visual cues throughout the whole book. The main objective is to discuss the multifaceted relationship between individuals and society, a hefty ordeal taken on with the lightest perspective through pictorial reduction and graceful typography. Minimalism is applied as a solution, a counterbalance to possible excesses.

The additional twist is the second, but nonetheless important, function of the book. In addition to the educational aspect, the designer purposely focuses on his book as an interior design piece for to the potential customer. Audaciously taking on the role as a visual stimulant for curious browsers, casual enthusiasts, and ultimately for the target audience as well.

Minimalism shows its force with a double-edge sword with both austere functionality and, surprisingly, as visual adornment. This books demands attention with no guilt.

Photography by Yuta Takahashi.

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