Apartment in Tel Aviv


This beautiful 80m2 long strip apartment, located in the centre of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv is a holiday home for a family who likes to entertain guests.

The interior designers Yael Perry, Dafna Gravinsky and architect Amir Navon transformed it into a minimalist airy space punctuated by delicate black and white grids and furnishings.

The apartment was re-divided as a grid structure which maximised the apartment potential and includes a bright living space, kitchen and two spacious master bedrooms. The grid became the conceptual design of the project and is evident in the design spaces of the apartment, furniture, lighting and styling. All furniture and lighting were custom made by the designers.

I love this thin apartment with a strong sense of continuity, a wide and bright space thanks to design in monochromatic shades.

Photography by Itay Benit.

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