Casa Haras del Sol


Casa Haras del Sol is set within a suburban gated community in Buenos Aires. Designed by Nicolás Pinto da Mota, this modern home embraces its artificial landscape with a forward thinking design that is not afraid to stand out.

Set within a perfect white cube, Casa Haras del Sol features strategic cutouts for the entrances and windows. Bright green grass accentuates the pureness of the white façade. Stripes of concrete lead a runway style to the front of the house and are repeated out back to the pool.

Within the interior space polished concrete floors lead to crisp white walls. The kitchen is just as chic with rows of glossy white cabinetry and countertops. Out back a pool is set a bit aways from the house, floating effortlessly in the green grass. The entire home is flooded with natural light during the day and soft, ambient lighting at night. From the outside, Casa Haras del Sol is brilliantly illuminated, appearing almost alien in its stark setting.

Photography by Estudio Nicolás Pinto da Mota.

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