Lithodeme Residence

Crete, Greece
akra studio

Lithodeme is located in one of the most southern parts of Europe on the Greek island of Crete. Designed by akra studio, the residence features a linear, monochromatic, and austere geometry emerging between the complex rock formations and the dry seashore, translating their main principles in a structure that seeks to become a part of them.

Focusing on the main characteristics of Mediterranean dwellings, the design aims to blend the indoor with the outdoor areas while creating multiple spatial, tactile, and lighting experiences throughout the interior. The residence develops on a single axis, consisting of a continuous vast open space in the middle defined by the two almost identical enclosed areas on both sides.

The common spaces in the middle can be described as an observatory with an unobstructed 360º view of the landscape, an ever changing scenery of the sea, and the rocks dancing with the movement of the sunlight. In contrast to this, the private spaces are purposely designed to be more introverted, providing privacy and a sense of withdrawal from the sun and the natural elements.

All the main functions such as bathrooms, kitchen, staircases, and storage are organised inside thick volumes that resemble monolithic elements. Instead of walls, every boundary is transformed in a deep threshold with long intermediate spaces and dramatic corridors that act as a transition between the light and the dark. The extended concrete roof that runs above them, provides both the interior and exterior with long shade throughout the day.

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