Baomaru House


A subtle change of pace in minimalism was put into motion by South Korea based Rieuldorang Atelier. Austerity takes a back seat to another kind of geometry, as a playful routine reigns over Baomaru House. The 188m2 estate spreads with a surprising variance in form and effect for the family, an attention grabbing exercise in contemporary architecture.

An inescapable frame towers over with a surprising gap between the main structure and demands attention as the main attraction of the house, as it pushes forward it sets the tone for the amusing twists and turns found throughout. Two main volumes make up the main programme, with social and private areas spread cleverly on each side. The promenade between both dwellings is an integral part of daily life.

The interior design is a feat in itself as well, as gorgeous wood panels are present alongside a variety of shapes and sized of windows and rooms. The variance gives leeway for some direct Japanese influence on the décor, as simple lines reign over. Since the outer shell is extremely varied, an important minimalist tone is reiterated to achieve harmony.

Photography by Joonhwan Yoon.

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