Strelein Warehouse


Strelein Warehouse is an elegant modern residence hidden behind an unassuming brick façade. The two-story Australian dwelling is located in a 19th century warehouse. The structure, formally a grocery warehouse and engineering workshop, was converted to a residence by Ian Moore Architects, based in Sydney.

On the exterior, the industrial brick façade was given a modern update with a sleek metal garage and windows. The updated accents hint at the nature of the interior while still embracing the contrast between the 19th century building and the modern updates.

The interior is a monochromatic wonder. Glossy white floors and white walls are strongly accented by black furniture, fixtures and finishes. The floor plan is simple: a main living space takes up the majority of the second floor, while the single bedroom and bathroom are tucked away. The upper floor is accessed by an extremely dramatic staircase, narrow, and encased all in black.

The furniture is contemporary, with clean and sleek lines. The walls are relatively bare, save for a feature gallery wall that stretches nearly the full length of the main living space. Wall mounted lighting adds additional decor, along with a lovely floor to ceiling bookshelf. Overall, Strelein Warehouse is gorgeous home that checks all the boxes.

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