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Baooab is a children's toy designed by Sergio Guijarro and Miriam Tochijara. This simple toy is designed to encourage imaginative and creative playtime. According to Guijarro:

A child’s power of imaginations has no limits. Baooab is a new game concept which combines construction, creativity and interaction with all the elements of play. Six pieces, infinite possibilities, offering a form of entertainment wich returns to the sensory, emotional, and, above all, to the appreciation of ingenuity.

I love how the simple wooden shapes can change and adapt during play. Check out this video to see Baooab in action. Baooab can become an infinite number of creatures: a turtle, giraffe, or sea monster! Or maybe this toy is train, a swirling river, or a patch of flowers. And because it is based on creativity, this toy can be enjoyed by all ages. Anything is possible with Baooab. All you need is your imagination.

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