Ryusenji House


Ryusenji House by Tomoaki Uno Architects cuts quite the brutalist and impassable figure. Located in Nagoya (Japan) this house is the ultimate expression of the raw beauty of concrete. Both internal and external façade elements and partition walls all comprising this similar grey hue, the shades of intensity determined only by the concrete’s play and relativity to light.

At an initial glance, Ryusenji House could be mistaken more for an urban sculpture than a place of residence. A far cry from the over-adornment of trinket-ry commonly found. For this reason, I am very drawn to this space. The absence of furniture, and place-makers for human interaction, allows, I think, for the materiality to be showcased. It also creates an opportunity for the port-holes and vistas that penetrate the concrete shards to be featured. These details are beautiful and should be celebrated.

Its positioning in amongst subtle architectural endeavours typical of Japanese architecture is a very bold move by Tomoaki Uno Architects. A move that I think has paid off immensely.

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