Reverb Wire Chair


Australian designer Brodie Neill and Italian design manufacturer Marzorati Ronchetti have collaborated to produce the limited-edition Reverb Wire Chair. The design is based on the form of a geometric vortex - a wireframe network of handcrafted and mirror polished stainless steel rods that map out the expansive conical geometry of the chair.

The steel rods of the Reverb Chair repeat themselves to form a rhomboidal grid with openings of different sizes. The diamond shaped gaps widen towards the outside, reaching the circumference in the same material. Made with the same steel rod that closes the border, the openings get smaller towards the central fulcrum, where the funnel-like space forms the seat and the support trunk simultaneously takes form.

I obviously can't vouch for the comfort of this chair, but aesthetically, I really enjoy it. It's light, transparent and surprising.

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