Vacuo Studio

Gerdesmeyer Krohn
Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

In one of the last old stone structure buildings in Osnabrück, Germany, design office Gerdesmeyer Krohn realised a unique interior project together with and for tattoo shop Vacuo Studio. This is an interior design project defined by contrasts—not just in colour, but also in material.

The walls in the upper part of the property are reminiscent of an old chapel, which were built in the 13th century and were, amongst other things, used as a sausage smokehouse. By the end of 2019, Vacuo Studio started their work in this time-honoured property. Tattooing now takes place on two levels with a unique floor plan. The reception room with a large, covered screen and a black stained oak counter is on the ground floor. The wardrobe is located in a converted niche, and benches offer enough space for waiting customers.

The lounge, including the kitchen, and the spacious impressive studio of various tattoo artists is on the second floor. In addition to the four permanent workspaces, there are two spots for guest artists from all over the world. One large black sideboard decorates the studio. Each wall side offers enough space to work for two artists.

In addition to the spacious storage throughout, a sleek flexible lamp was integrated on every sideboard. It can be perfectly adjusted while working and enables a very comfortable workspace.

The linear and minimalist design of the interior in contrast to the historical surroundings make this studio exceptionally striking. Every feature has been well-considered and exudes simplicity. Not just for the workspaces and furniture selection, but also also for the kitchen area, which has been beautifully finished.

Gerdesmeyer Krohn is an office for industrial and interior design based in Cologne, led by Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn.

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