Beoplay M5

industrial design

Good speakers should deliver amazing sound. That much is obvious. But we want more, nowadays: wireless connectivity, for example. We might also expect speakers to be well designed standalone objects, and that they should come with multiroom capability. Just like the elaborate but immobile cable-connected systems our parents would painfully build for their kitchens and living rooms, only much better and totally effortless. All of this together is what the Beoplay M5 speaker delivers easily.

The latest addition to the B&O PLAY family was designed by leading Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz.

The design of Beoplay M5 is inspired by the way people use sound in their everyday lives—as a natural focal point for the family. The shape signals that sound is projected from all angles and visually, it can blend in or stand out in your home depending on personal preferences. — Cecilie Manz

The Beoplay M5 launched in two colours, black and natural. It’s covered in an acoustically transparent wool-blend fabric, created by Kvadrat. The tubular object is topped by a pearl-blasted aluminium disc which houses the on-object control. But the main remote control would be your phone, tablet or computer. Besides the physical aesthetic aspects, which we mainly focus on, this highly functional remote control app should be mentioned as well. Why? Because the built-in Chromecast service lets you listen to your music in True360 degree Bang & Olufsen signature sound, while taking calls, playing games or sending texts, all without interrupting the perfect aural experience. A truly elegant device.

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