Beosound Edge

industrial design

When London-based industrial designer Michael Anastassiades and audio brand Bang & Olufsen decided to collaborate on a new product, we knew it would be pretty special. Well, as it turns out, it is. Beautifully so. The Beosound Edge is a speaker and minimalist design object in one. Designed for intuitive touch and motion, it’s an unbroken circle of clarity and beauty. Perfectly balanced on its edge, the speaker is one that exudes calmness and simple sophistication.

A revolutionary Bang & Olufsen technology enables Beosound Edge to deliver unprecedented power for its size. The Active Bass Port automatically changes the speaker’s acoustic performance to bring you fine-tuned sound and clarity at all volume levels.

Interestingly, the speaker reads the force of your touch, adjusting its volume as you roll the speaker back and forth, or up and down when mounted on a wall. As you release your touch, the speaker returns to its centre. Perfectly balanced design. Perfectly balanced sound.

You have to respect its calmness and balance. It’s perfectly balanced on its edge. That, for me, is magic. That is something that is irreplaceable.
According to Anastassiades, who has a clear appreciation for minimalism, the action of constantly removing details is far more daring than adding them. Seeing a product with lots of bells and whistles creates a powerful initial impact. But once that novelty wears off, there’s nothing left. Instead, his intention with the Edge was to create a timeless object that continues to spark your imagination.
What you do, is that you constantly distil the idea. You remove layers upon layers, and what you manage to retain, is pure. It’s about mastering something to a level, where you say: This is it! And then having the confidence to carry it out.
The designer further explains:
I try to design objects that remain unnoticed at first glance. But when you see them the second time around, you start paying more attention. By the third encounter, you should become even more intrigued.
With the Edge, you will experience the undeniable audio quality of B&O, but what you’re paying for here is the design, the materials, and how you interact with it. This isn’t form over function. This is wonderfully balanced design in every regard.

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