Berayah Diagonal & Notch Bag


Let’s be honest: we love our leather purses, we admire our beautiful weekenders, but we could never live without tote bags. They accompany us wherever we go and they save our days during shopping strolls or while traveling for business. And while they are developed to be as much a canvas for innumerable messages, just like the t-shirt, their actual shape is seldom reviewed.

Hong Kong-based womenswear brand Berayah did so. Their 360° approach towards design demands a tote bag that is not only in line with the outfits you’d choose but also as practical and pleasing as possible. Berayah designer Enoch Ho came up with two new tote shapes.

The DIAGONAL bag is all about easy access. By tilting the bag slightly forward, the opening is placed squarely towards the front of your arm, allowing easy access without moving the bag down from the arm. The NOTCH bag makes it easy to wear the tote with one hand. The notch in the middle makes space for a forearm to fit through. You can pick up the bag by its straps with one hand, swing it through the forearm and effortlessly rest it on your shoulder in one fell swoop.

What sounds pretty technical also gives a new and exciting minimalist shape to the classic tote bag, making it an easy to pack extra bag with a beautiful twist and a design that is special, but goes along well with many different outfits.

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