Orphan Bird AW16


In a very poetic way, the name of Sweden based fashion brand Orphan Bird evokes a sense of loss and delicateness. And indeed, the images of the current lookbook show the body as a tender creature, while the designs resemble a robust shelter against the outside world. The impression is intricate, but the craftsmanship is solid and slick, which is certainly the result of a culturally fruitful collaboration between Italian designer Ciro Supino and Swedish visual artist Sara Lohman. Scandinavian aesthetics meet Italian craftsmanship.

The current collection, Maze, is inspired by interconnected pathways and delusive turns. Here again, the poetic element of confusion is beautifully set in scene by the art direction, while the pieces themselves — geometric leather goods, sturdy sweaters and avant garde coats — offer a means of orientation. These elements, which are set in a colour scheme of black and white, lead to a gender-blurring collection deeply rooted in the aesthetic context of modern, minimalist design.

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