C House

Think Utopia

Simple and intentional living through minimalist design. This is architecture we appreciate most. With less stuff, less distraction, and more silence, we can live simply and calmly. With this in mind, we visit Commugny, Switzerland, to admire the design of C House—a spacious and wonderfully understated dwelling by Spanish architect, Javier Müller.

A complete abstraction of the existing space, we simply kept the memory of the wood as connector with history and the different interventions in the house.

A single fluid space defines the ground floor, differentiating rooms marked by geometry and light. A visual continuity through spaces between three floors connected by a large window that appears as the protagonist over the living room. A new fireplace volume and central staircase ensures a visual and programmatic connection.

Three doors in wood appear as “frames” in dialogue with the floor of the rooms level and the stairs that mark the level differences. A continuous floor in polished concrete and the materiality of the stainless steel, offers a series of contrasts of shapes, geometries, and textures on a white canvas background. Müller explains:

Seeking simplicity through an economy of means and a minimal expression, we gave importance to natural light, few materials, and the smallest of details. This kind of architecture is what we’re all about—trying to find timeless ambiances capable of making us lose the notion of time. A timeless beauty that may have been built yesterday or tomorrow, adapted to everyone because architecture’s goal is to make people who inhabit, feel better.

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