IN 3


An unusual apartment, located in Montreal, is the third part of a trilogy created by architect Jean Verville. The christened ‘domestic architectural installation’ IN 3 is the peculiar studio for a maestro, bridging formalist intentions such as minimalism alongside stark abstraction. It is made to reflect the personalities of the tenants, very much like a portrait; the end-result is bewildering and fascinating.

A succession of sculptural volumes, so to speak, where sensory perception is asked to transgress the physical limits of space to favour the illusory abstraction of dimensional form. — Jean Verville

One of the main characteristics of the studio is the reclusive feel throughout, as every room feels like an installation with floor-to-ceiling curtains and clean-cut boundaries between each material. From the exposed concrete, the wooden floor, to the duality of black and white. It is important to note the cohesiveness from IN 1 and IN 2 with the monochromatic variation. That is, until IN 3 joins the fray.

A stunning brass structure is skilfully applied to the main room, as true intervention to the usual duality as a colourful element. Unlike possible missteps to apply a third element to the minimalist formula, the architects adopts it as a visual draw alongside a collection of interesting furniture. The minimalist proposition continues intact, as the project offers amplitude and geometric lines aplenty. The photographic work of Maxime Brouillet brings another dimension to be explored, as a stand-alone series, featuring a stoic figure exploring each room with gallantry.

The juxtaposition of material offers new boundaries and a true experimental feeling to the studio. This trilogy ended on a strong note indeed.

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