A minimal coffee shop in a former USSR factory space? The new interior project of BLOOM-N-BREW coffee space by Moscow-based Asketik Studio opened on former soviet silkworm factory, using materials, lights, and furniture like it was on the USSR.

Asketik was founded by designer Maxim Maximov, which began through designing a single homeware object, but in time has became a full collection of furniture in one style with a single basic principle: minimum for maximum. Minimum form with maximum function. Asketik Studio now sees itself move into interior design, creating harmony in public and private spaces with this principle still firmly at its core.

The key to the coffee shop interior is using basic and simple materials like powder-coated profiled sheeting which is typically used for roofs and fences. Industrial lamps, brickwork walls, open ceiling, and plants reflect the original purpose of the space.

This is a wonderfully simple coffee shop with a strong sense of minimalism with a spacious and bright interior through an intentional design incorporating white and grey tones with subtle black details.

In the shop