George Kroustallis


George Kroustallis is a Berlin-based photographer and image director whose work traverses form, light, femininity through concepts of architecture, fashion, still-life, and body.

The defining attention to detail demonstrated through his work is the result of his unique eye for light and composition with a strong emphasis on minimalism and neutral tones. Whether it be a monolithic piece of architecture, a physical expression, or a classic fashion accessory, the subjects seem to be understood and fully represented for the first time in George’s photography. He explains:

I am driven by a desire to produce great work that reflects my deep interest in design, people, and the abundant powerful stories around us.
Originally from Greece, George studied Social Anthropology, and spent years working as a music producer and audio engineer before being absorbed by the visual arts, and now lives in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany.

You can discover more of George’s work on his wonderfully curated Instagram, as well some insightful writing on his blog.

We have been great admirers of George’s work for some time, which has led to us working together on a new production project, which will be unveiled later this year.

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