Mercury Jacket


The clothing we wear shapes not only how we express ourselves to the world, but also how we experience it. With incredible advancements in technology and the huge influx of wearable tech, designers are able to create apparel that isn’t just fashionable, but also functional. That’s the story of clothing brand Ministry of Supply, who engineer high-performing, comfortable apparel—using 3D printing, engineered fits and fabrics.

Ministry of Supply have just unveiled a new type of technology with Mercury—a sleek and minimalist urban jacket that is beautifully designed, featuring a 100% recycled insulation with weatherproof construction. Besides its fabrics, it uses machine learning to understand your heating preferences, which are adjustable via app and voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Alexa—the brand's first segue into the world of smart clothing.

The jacket's heating system turns on the moment you walk outdoors. When your heart rate elevates and your body temperature rises, the jacket combines both the outdoor and internal temperatures to regulate heat distribution, which are of course adjustable through voice-control assistants.

Nithya Thadani, CEO of RAIN, the digital innovation firm that partnered with Ministry of Supply to build and power Mercury’s voice integration tells us:

As the first piece of intelligent clothing that users can control with their voice, this jacket is pushing the category beyond stationary Smart Home devices, and into Smart Lifestyle.

Now the jacket has hit Kickstarter, and has already smashed its funding goal, but don't let that stop you being part of this campaign—you'll make a great saving if you back it while you can.

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