LAND Lounge Chair


One of Minimalissimo’s most admired designers, Tokyo-based Naoto Fukasawa, has recently created LAND, a minimalist lounge chair with a seamless curved form. Designed for the Italian furniture company Plank, the LAND chair features a design distinctive for its pure lines. Fukasawa explains:

It seeks to balance the relation between form and character, expression and fluidity. LAND is a lounge chair made with rotational plastic mould technology. It was born to serve as an outdoor seat, but its sober and elegant design makes it suitable for indoor uses too.
The chair is available in a variety of colours, including: black, white, basalt grey, signal grey, and traffic red. LAND is not just a simple lounge chair, it is one full of character, expressed not just through its aesthetic fluidity, but also through evoking a feeling of sitting in a sports car, promoting a relaxed posture with outstretched legs and supported back.

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