Peer Lindgreen

Technological advancement can be harsh on objects that once were indispensable and widely available; suddenly everything crashes down when a new and more effective model takes their place. This is exactly the case for incandescent light bulbs. What was once a common daily object, now takes the centre stage because of its imminent lack of presence in people’s home.

London-based design brand Minimalux is no stranger to straightforward and clean-cut projects in their repertoire. The combination of old-school techniques and materials built to last are the foundation of the brand’s production style. Yet, their products boast a timeless quality using contemporary and minimalist guidelines to their advantage. As any other brand, they have adapted their products to high standards of eco-friendliness.

The simply named Bulb is an authentic homage to the first generation of mass-produced lamps, skilfully taking a simple object and upgrading in all the right elements to make a table lamp that ventures to visually represent the classic incandescent light with ease. Made from blown opal glass, the sphere hosts an energy saver compact fluorescent lamp, all the while maintaining the same warm glow from the original model. Energy efficiency is guaranteed with a light source promised to last for as much as 10,000 hours. Undeniably, it’s a difficult field for vintage lamps to compete.

Minimalux proudly stamps a branded machined brass on their products, and Bulb is no exception for this rule. Since this product is so unassuming, what could be passed on as a mere detail becomes one of its most striking features. The product comes in four materials: black nickel, brass, copper and silver. Versatility can be a challenging characteristic to master when dealing with minimalist products, however this table lamp reaps all the rewards of such adaptability with a chic and stylish demeanour.

This article was originally published in Minimalissimo Nº1

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