House B

Whispering Smith
Ben Hosking

House B strikes the perfect balance of comfortable and minimal. The home prioritises a clean and understated aesthetic, where form clearly follows function. Yet the dwelling is also remarkably liveable; full of practical elements and comfortable furnishings. The Australian dwelling was designed by Whispering Smith, a self-described feminist architecture firm.

One enters House B through a pair of large proportioned black doors. The doors are contrasted sharply against both the white facade and light concrete steps. Small garden beds, set on either sides of the doors, add a splash of inviting colour at the home’s threshold. The interior reveals an open-concept floor plan with kitchen, dining, and living space each occupying a corner of the great room.

An office is cleverly situated adjacent to the living area. Featuring white pocket doors on two sides, the room allows the user a private space when needed but opening up to the great room as desired. As working from home becomes more regular, dexterous home office designs like this one look very appealing indeed. Warm wood furnishings add an organic quality to the decor; an element that seems apt alongside the white walls and concrete floors. In the kitchen, sculptural is the only word suitable to describe the island. Covered in undulating white fins, the island stands on elegant legs and provides an oversized marble surface for cooking activities. The island perfectly exhibits Whispering Smith’s affinity for functional spaces that look stunning.

A slender hallway leads to the more private areas of the home: the bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. In another thoughtful move to cut down on visual clutter, many of the doors are comprised of slim, sliding panels of wood.

At the back of the structure, just off the kitchen and dining areas, a wall of windows slides away, opening the entire home to the outside. Not only does this lovely feature fill the home with light and fresh air, it also has the added benefit of making the average-sized living space feel even larger. In an instant, the residents can easily pull the doors open to double their living area with a lovely outside room.

The exterior of House B really feels like its own room, and blends with the home as much as any of the interior living space. The patio is contained by a border of white walls against which several planters are placed. These planters are bursting with shades of green, a welcome variation from the monochromatic interior. House B’s lush garden provides an alluring space for dining, living, and relaxing.

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