industrial design

This beautifully minimal collection of cylindrical objects is a tableware set, created by Lisbon based designer Miguel Lopes. Titled +cinco, the line consists of five entities - a salad bowl, a bottle of olive oil, a bottle of vinegar, a set of condiments (salt shaker, pepper shaker and a third) with a support base and a set of containers for sauces. All pieces are tied together aesthetically by the similarity of their form. Lopes explains his concept:

I opted to a shape that was the mother shape of the whole project: the circumference. This shape was chosen because it determines a cycle, a circuit, a development in progress, a line of cohesion, a materia which I wanted to use in the products that I have created, timeless, avant-garde and refined solid design undefined in time.

I love the strong presence these piece have as a group and as each individual object. The +cinco collection is a participant in MUJI Award 04 International Design Competition in collaboration with André Hernâni Meca.

Photography courtesy of Igor Alçada.

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