Miyake Suitcase

industrial design

Designed by Japan-based designers Kazushige Miyake and Daisuke Ishigami for the Japanese brand Plus Minus Zero (±0), the main characteristics of the stylish minimal Suitcase are the shape of the shell and its surprising smoothness. Miyake explains:

The uneven parts of the suitcase such as the handle and the lock have been minimised, and a single colour has been used for the entire body of the product; while each and every part has been accurately constructed as part of an overall whole, the product combines both precision and a sense of rigidity.
Available in three different sizes and colours—black, white, and red—the Miyake Suitcase is a beautifully designed and elegant travel accessory, but also functional, giving to the user a sense of careful protection of their belongings with its rigid aluminium frame. At the same time, it transmits a soft and light feeling with its design and its extremely quiet casters—a fantastic detail to avoid the noise that we’ve all suffered in our experiences with many suitcases.

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