Casa Brufe

Brufe, Vila nova de Famalicão, Portugal
Lead Architect
Avelino Oliveira
Ivo Tavares Studio

This unusual looking minimalist dwelling is located in Brufe, Portugal and has been designed by architecture firm OVAL. The surroundings of the house are marked to the south by a natural, continuous space, as if it served as a backdrop for a long lawn. To the north, the well-kept main road is directly opposite a pre-primary school building. The housing is neither hidden nor facing the street.

The program is composed of two parts, a taller one representing the most public areas of the house, the entrance, the generous living room, and the kitchen (with pantry). The lower volume, facing the east side, comprises four rooms, a laundry, and an office, all arranged in a row. Basically, there are two boxes connected by an empty space in which each one represents its home, one more open and public and the other more domestic and private.

In the bedrooms, the need for seclusion led to the creation of a horizontal wooden skin, which reinforces the intention to be modern but blended with a search for fluidity and coherence in the architectural language.

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