JR Loft


JR Loft is a project located in Brussels, Belgium and was awarded to Nicolas Schuybroek Architects with no specific design architectural qualities in the brief to start with.  The original site was a former carpenters' workshop separated from the adjacent neighbors by a very high separation wall.

After obtaining permission to demolish half of the separation wall, the architect took the opportunity to design an extremely large steel framed window over both floors to maximize the amount of light let into the loft.

It is the architect's detailing of the interiors that make this such a beautiful project. The architecture of the loft is expressed within the clean lines of the polished concrete, Carrera marble and reclaimed oak, and the datum of the joints within the materials delicately highlights the contrast  of their textures and surfaces - the wood cabinets vs the marble backsplash; the black steel framed shower wall vs the thin edges of the square white tiles etc.

Noted by French magazine Architectural Digest in the 2013 Collector Issue as one of the 100 best interior designers,  Nicolas Schuybroek had decorated the loft with furniture from Jean Prouvé to Pierre Jeanneret, adding a little mid-century personality to this minimalist loft.

Additional information courtesy of Nicolas Schuybroek. Photography courtesy of Claessens & Deschamps

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