Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2010


Karl Lagerfeld is an extraordinary modernist—O.K., or could be considered a post modernist. The Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2010 signature line is focused on the future with a strong dark edge. Big hair, high shiny latex in the form of leggings and headbands, and oh-so vibrant red lips; a line defined by leanness, accentuated by skinny pants worn under asymmetrically, tailored suits and pencil skirts—á la Lagerfeld, with a tendency toward severe clothes.

Herr Lagerfeld is an irrepressible free agent. “I like to be a stranger wherever I go. Because I like this position of detachment, I want to be nobody,'' he remarks.

A free agent status suggests a kind of freedom without the extras. And that's definitely my aesthetic. Minimalism? Make that futurism.

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