Clearview Chalet

Shai Gil

Nestled on the edge of the Nottawasaga Bay in Ontario, Canada, is the lovely Clearview Chalet. The modest yet stunning home was designed by AKB, an architecture studio based in Toronto. Due to budget restrictions, the design focused on practicality and modesty without sacrificing style.

The modern dwelling is a simple, two-story structure built into the hillside. The dark exterior, constructed in economic board and batten siding, contrasts beautifully with the snowy landscape. A metal A-frame roof defines the shape of the home while protecting the home from all that snow. The entrance is hidden in a recessed portion of the facade, which doubles as a convenient spot to store firewood.

While the home’s exterior is dark and bold, the interior is white and bright. This inversion of colours is a clever way to make the home stand out on the outside but blend in on the inside: large windows extend the white interior into the snowy landscape. Just as on the exterior, the interior is constructed from modest materials. Concrete floors, oak woodwork, and white walls are the main features. The living space is centred around a wood fireplace, perfect for staying cozy on cold nights.

Clearview Chalet proves that chic, modern homes do not need to be extravagant. As we see time and time again, minimalism is the key for dwellings that bring us closer to nature, our families, and ourselves.

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