Cointec Office

David Zarzoso

Cointec Office is a workspace for a consultant firm designed by Spanish architecture firm Dot Partners. The office was designed to emphasise spaciousness, with one large room stretching across the entire structure. Select furnishings and carefully placed glass partitions divide the space according to use. The work stations are scattered throughout the large, open rooms, while seating areas and conference rooms are thoughtfully tucked into place.

Built-in workspaces are arranged in various locations of the office, allowing for a flexible working environment. The employees are not confined to their individual desks—they can set up in the seating areas or free-standing work surfaces positioned around the office.

Oversized windows are placed around the office, allowing light to flood the workspaces and casting artistic shadows across the white surfaces of the interior. Soft lighting compliments the dark furniture, adding extra illumination to the areas where the natural light is insufficient. The space uses relatively few materials: concrete and brushed steel comprise most of the structure.

Cointec Office is a lovely example of a modern workplace: an open floor plan combined with sleek materials encourages equality and creativity.

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