Space For Imagination

graphic design

Pastoe, the Dutch furniture manufacturer, recently published the book "Vision - Space for Imagination" to mark the 25th anniversary of the Vision range of cabinets.

Vision, created by Pierre Mazairac and Karel Boonzaaijer, is a cabinet composed of any number of boxes in various sizes. The cabinet is simple, without handles or grips, but contains a smart pressure-release mechanism borrowed from the car manufacturing industry.

We wanted something that would exist in a home like a wall that plays with space, volume and line.

At first some people thought the design was cold and ugly, but Mazairac and Boonzaaijer were confident about their product. It’s been twenty-five years and it’s still going strong, Boonzaaijer says.

Space for Imagination is written by Karel Boonzaaijer in association with Ilka Helmig and Johannes Bergerhausen. You order the book under ISBN number 978-90-5856-357-6.

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