Common Parts

Mark Holmes

To mark the launch of Editions (a variety of past and present art and design related objects and collaborations), British modern design brand Minimalux has produced six new artworks. Conceived by co-founder and creative director Mark Holmes, Common Parts is the result of a brief to only use materials and existing pre-made parts found within his immediate working environment, together with unrestricted access to the contents of the Minimalux component shelves.

Familiar industrially made product parts are subsequently removed from their original functional context and combined with common concrete bricks to create objects with a striking juxtaposition that playfully reference elements of brutalism and minimalist art.

The main thread that unites the series is its referral to a milestone period in 20th century design, fuelled by the evolution of audio-visual consumer electronics by the likes of Braun, Kodak, and Motorola. Each of the artworks characterfully mimic in both scale and form the classic products developed during this time and are named accordingly.

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