Collection V


Inspired by Typography, Collection V is a fitting and intriguingly minimal offering by Bande des Quatres. When a type design is good, it is not because each individual letter of the alphabet is perfect in form, but because there is a feeling of harmony and unbroken rhythm that runs through the whole design, each letter kin to every other and to all. Based out of Montreal, Canada, Bande des Quatres has been in operation since 2011 where the concept was conceived by lead designer Erin Wahed and crafted by fellow Canadian jewellery maker, Janis Kerman. Each piece is a means to express the harmonious and inter-connective nature of typography, seamlessly, and the resulting collection of beautiful lines and simple geometries.

Collection V is entirely hand-made and is a combination of sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and gemstones. Finished then, with a sand-blasting technique that allows for a matt finish. The Collection uses Bande des Quatres’ trademark of illusion and geometric forms as well as other key musings of differing styles and mediums, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic and industrial design.

Photography courtesy of Bande des Quatres.

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