Reydon Grove Farm


Reydon Grove Farm is a long and narrow home situated in Suffolk, England. Designed by minimalist favourite Norm Architects, the low-lying dwelling reflects its environment with a refined structure and neutral colour palette. The scale was thoughtfully placed so as to correspond with the existing buildings on site, a barn and dairy. Reflecting the trees on site, the home's façade is clad in thin, vertical wooden siding. Walls of windows allow a peak into the living quarters, while white shades provide privacy and slightly camouflage the home on a cloudy day.

The wood theme from the exterior continues inside, creating a calm and cozy habitat suited to its environment. Light pours into each room, washing the white walls and soft wood floors in warm natural light. Oversized windows are lined with thick wooden beams, casting Mondrian-like shadows across the floors.

An elegant wood-burning stove defines the living space, while the bedrooms and private baths reside on the other side of the home. The farm is furnished with only the necessities: a few soft seating arrangements and dining pieces. The only decor that connects the home with the surrounding meadows: dark tree branches casually lean against the dwelling's walls. Reydon Grove Farm is yet another example of understated luxury from Norm Architects.

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