Concrete Paperweight

industrial design

Recently discovered design studio, StudioKyss, brings the Paperweight into fresh light. Paperweight is a well-articulated concrete piece that is approximately 58mm in length, 55mm in height and 43mm in width. Available in both a light and dark aggregate concrete finish, this piece is made to formally emulate a miniature staircase. Playful in its form, this piece is also a serious contender of sorts. The detail in such a small piece is to be commended and celebrated that such attention has been given to the final finish.

StudioKyss is based in Sydney and lead by Kenny Son. Born in South Korea, he made the pilgrimage to Australia where his studio is based. He works with distributors in both Australia and the US, which no doubt has potential to expand as his practice and reputation does also. Launched in 2013, StudioKyss is born on the simple goal of creating work that has ‘life’, objects that add significance and value to everyday environments. With simplicity, classic lines and purposed minimalist objects like these in the making, the future just got a little brighter.

Photography courtesy Youmee Jeon.

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