THEY New York Canvas


We were first introduced to young fashion brand THEY last year when we fell in love with their superbly crafted, minimalist sneakers that feature embedded geometric shapes—always a striking feature for the minimalism enthusiast.

In addition to their Core collection, THEY have just announced a new collection that introduces fresh colourways and materials. Drawing from a colour palette inspired by contemporary concrete architecture, the muted grey and off-white tones bring forth a wave of serenity to their now iconic design.

While the brand’s leather collection is made available all year round; this summer sees the release of select styles in Canvas; an alternate selection for a more breathable and lightweight sneaker for warmer climates.

Beyond this, THEY will also be releasing a Soft Suede collection in autumn, which offers an enhanced approach to their classic Two Tone lows.

Founded by three Manhattan-based friends who share a unanimous passion for minimalist design, THEY look to capture both practical functionality and an inarguably sophisticated aesthetic through their footwear. And as this brand grows from strength to strength through their collections, we keep our eyes peeled for updates.

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