WHY Wally-Hermés Yacht

industrial design

Why not? Wally-Hermés believes in a new way of navigating slowly on the sea with genuine environmental and ecological values.

The WHY yacht concept was created through a partnership between high fashion house, Hermés and yacht builder, Wally. The living space, built on three decks is intended to meet the human needs of space, light and shade with advanced sustainable technologies. The 58 metre-long 38 metre-wide, pared-down yacht is powered by a diesel electric engine that produces solar electricity to manage the boat.

“We didn’t design a boat, we gave shape to an idea – there are no excesses, nothing is superfluous, the impact on the sea is minimum.” Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès.

There is something fabulous about indulging in absolute freedom with this life of quietness and gala affair. One caveat: cutbacks and timidity is positively, my order of the day.

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