Cowboy 4 E-Bike

Product Specs

Along the noble road to a conscious mind, a vision for how you move is on the scene. Meet the Cowboy 4 as it takes the connected electric bike to new heights. Mount up, ride on.

Quite a nice message, right? Cowboy's latest e-bike (C4) maintains its essential minimalist bike design following its predecessors, but with some interesting developments and refinements. One new feature is wireless charging: once your phone is docked in the cockpit, it's in a state of charge. It also comes with a brand new colour range, it has a faster charge, greater motor torque, a modified braking system, and slightly thicker tires (47mm).

Do the small refinements justify the price gap compared to the C3 model? Probably not, but maybe the use case slightly differs from the lightweight C3 model, and there's simply no denying that Cowboy has produced an exceptionally well-made and equally beautiful electric bike.

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