Avianca Lounge


Airports around the world are increasingly breaking the mould as to what type of experience or, better yet, architecture should be offered to their travellers. Ranging from visually charged areas flirting with maximalism, to areas offering quasi-futuristic concepts with metallic and led lights. On the other side of the spectrum sits the minimalist aesthetic, proposing calmness and amplitude as the antidote.

Located on the El Dorado International Airport of Bogotá, Avianca Lounge aims to offer an extraordinary area for passengers. The responsible team behind the stylish endeavour is Francesc Rifé Studio, bringing forth geometry and warmness instilled with a minimalist stance. The interior design is ingrained with walnut wood textures, grey carpet, and ceramic titles as main materials. The lounge delivers a mixture of contrasting forms without ever losing cohesiveness.

The user experience is rooted in three differing experiences to: work, dine, and relax—through bespoke furniture and lighting to distinguish each area. The skill in planning shines through the effortless amplitude in all spaces, as well the variance in visual compositions. From sleek symmetrical repetitions for the working area, the shadowy loungers for resting, to the outlandish forest-like lighting above each table—the lounge always offers a sense of peacefulness and warmth.

Avianca Lounge showcases another facet of minimalism, denying the classic white cube, achieving serenity through dusky colours and contemporary touches in design.

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