The minimalist Cresta chair is an excellent design about contrasts: contrast between tradition and modernity, between old and new technologies and between robust and smooth tactility.

It is the first shell chair made of solid wood, fabricated with the finger joint technology, connecting a seat and a back in a unique streamlined structure, used for the first time at such a length.

The shape and thickness of every part of Cresta chair has been sculpted to look delicate but remains sturdy and ensures excellent stability, but also designed to hug the curves of your body offering a long-lasting comfort. Oval rather than circular legs seem to be slim from the front and stronger when you look at the profile. Furthermore, the front legs have been pushed back so all of them use the same joints to create a focal point and thus a new "K" shape to sit on.

Designed by Jörg Boner from Zurich, for the new Swiss furniture company DADADUM, Cresta chair represents a natural evolution of Stabelle, one of the most emblematic chairs of Swiss heritage, and it was awarded Design Preis Schweiz 2013/14.

Photography by Aladin Borioli.

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