Paros House I & II


Adored minimalist architect John Pawson has gifted us with two lovely island homes in Paros, Greece. Paros House I and II are white-clad retreats sitting among rocky seaside cliffs. Both homes are comprised of a series of cubic forms: dramatic entities amid a native landscape of succulents, shrubs, and low grasses.

The volumes are arranged according to the needs of the residents. Paros House I boasts an L-shaped formation surrounding a pool, while Paros House II is clustered according to circulation routes. These strong geometries provide stunning views while ensuring necessary protection from the island's strong sun and wind. Both homes aim to take advantage of Greece's envious weather with ample outdoor space. Expansive terraces stretch to meet the horizon and infinity pools appear to merge with the sea below.

Paros House I and II simultaneously have the effect of appearing as thoughtful modern creations and a type of ancient ruins that have mysteriously risen from the ground below. The result is a magnificent display of architecture that requires one to keep looking and keep discovering its glories.

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