Dish Lamp

industrial design

Dish Lamp is a sleek prototype by Japanese industrial designer Shinya Oguchi, presented this February at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019. It was one of the leading projects of Greenhouse—the popular section of the Fair—where up-and-coming designers and design schools showcase their prototypes to future partners, producers, and customers.

Dish is a versatile lamp with a dish shaped reflection plate that face each other. The shape is cutting away as a cone shape. It evokes the widespread light source. The lamp portion is lifted upwards with the thin rod and it gives off light to the dish. On the bottom, the ring shape hook is attached, which also doubles as a base. It's versatility is a key feature as it can be used in various ways—a table lamp, wall lamp, pendant lamp, as well as a floor lamp.

The lamp’s white structure is made of steel with a baking finish surface and its conceptual shape is an ode to minimalism. This is a design that’s deservedly celebrated and we hope this prototype can soon be produced and on the market.

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